Testimonials by the customers of Mid Wales Paragliding Centre
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  1. Roddy Milne17th November 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Just back from a paragliding trip to Morocco with MWPGC November 2016.
    I am a post CP pilot and made the return trip to gain airtime and support my girlfriend through her CP too.
    Steve Griffiths at MWPGC was extremely knowledgeable regarding the flying sites in the local area and read the weather conditions accurately (including their changeability) to ensure that we flew every day bar one!
    Yes, it even rains down in Africa! The reason we were unable to fly that one day!
    Steve’s calm, supportive, fun and encouraging manner in which he conveys knowledgeable information instills trust, confidence and reassurance in students, forming an excellent rapport, making learning the sport fun, safe and enjoyable.
    It was not long before my other half was literally soaring ,flying high!
    Under Steve’s watchful eye and radio contact during flight, she realised other pilots are not just hazardous obstacles of the skies to watch out for and be avoided!
    They are also clues! Keys to the secrets of the skies!
    Other gliders reveal the lift and sink, proving a snapshot of activity in the ‘lavalamp thermic’ skies!
    The glider in front of you, gives you knowledge of your future skies…
    Paragliding with MWPGC certainly changes the way you experience the world!
    You will never look at the sky with same eyes again…
    And with new awareness, you feel the subtle changes in the wind on your face, as it whispers to you, to come and play once more!

  2. Bill Salmon21st November 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Having just spent 14 days in Morocco with Mid Wales Paragliding (Steve Griffiths) I thought I would share my experiences and full hearted thanks for the most enjoyable journey through my EP too CP course.

    After a chance meeting through eBay, where I discovered Steve’s advertisement for a two week intense course to gain Club Pilot qualifications in Paragliding, several phone calls and playing the odd game of email tennis. Steve not only gave me the confidence to sign up for his course but purchase my equipment through him.

    Once in Morocco, Steve came into his own. His knowledge of the training syllabus through the BHPA, flying sites used and the sport it’s self, was second too none. Steve has the ability to instill both confidence and his knowledge in what can only be described as a most professional manner with safety at the fore front of his mind at all times.

    Whilst in Morocco, I was introduced to a number of people that Steve had taught previously from all over the UK and friends from all over the world, all of which could not praise Steve Griffiths (Mid Wales Paragliding) enough for the knowledge that they had gained from him and remain good friends to this day.

    I enjoyed my time in Morocco so much I was barely back in the UK for 12 hours before I had booked my next trip to return too Morocco with Steve this February.

    I would strongly recommend Mid Wales Paragliding to any one who wishes to take up the sport of Paragliding and I’m sure I will remain good friends with Steve for a long time too come.

    Bill Salmon 21st November 2017

  3. Gethin webb23rd July 2018 at 7:10 pm

    I have been lucky enough to fly and be trained by Steve in Portugal, Switzerland, France and Morocco.

    His balance of pushing when the time is right and imparting the knowledge he has gained over a long career is truly first class. It doesn’t matter where you are if he is communicating to you on the radio then you know you are in truly safe hands.

    I will continue to travel and be part of the yearly trips as they are not only great fun and an adventure but you always leave a better pilot. Progress not perfection.

  4. MWPGC26th October 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for your supporting words Gethin your always welcome with us wherever we go. Fly high & Stay Safe..

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