Meet the team

 CFI Steve Griffiths

steve-staffSteve has been involved in the sport now for 21 years and has gained a considerable amount of knowledge in all aspects of flying, guiding and teaching, from day 1 beginner’s right through to advanced pilot training in big mountain conditions. All this knowledge has come from years of experience, dedication, flying and working all round the world.

Steve has over 2000 hours flying in all sorts of conditions from demanding and strong to tranquil and mellow, “We used to follow the thermals and travel to the best places to fly far for the time of year we were there”. On each trip we had over 50% of the students beating their personal bests by flying further and better than they ever had before.

By gaining this expert knowledge, Steve now transfers what he has learnt to his colleges, friends and students, and has been working full time in the school teaching people to fly.

Steve has flown in places to include Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Monoco, Morocco, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and of course the UK..

 Air Experience Instructor Martin James

martin-james-staffMartin used to work in the building trade and after learning to fly he packed in his job and went flying full time.

Martin has 20 years flying experience behind him and had flown in many exotic places throughout the world to include Peru, India, France, Monaco, Spain, Morocco and Turkey.

Martin is a great help in the school and is a licensed Air Experience Instructor. He helps with the Tandem Experience flights and also the paragliding and paramotoring training. He is a very chilled out kind of guy and can communicate well with the students making him a valuable asset to our team.

 (Guide)  James Toole (Jim)

james-toole-staffJim is passionate about the sport and has flown many hours in the 12 years he has been flying. He helps us with our  fly guiding service we offer on our courses abrord. Jim is based in Morocco and this is where he does most of his flying. He has over 900 hours in the air and has been flying for 9 years.  It’s a privilege to have him working with us as he is a great pilot and a close friend.