Tandem Flights

 Tandem flights

A Paragliding Tandem flight in Wales is a great way to see some of the beautiful Welsh mountains and stunning coast line this amazing place has on offer.

A Paragliding Tandem flight lasts for around 20 minutes (or longer if desired). You can take an Ariel view of the surrounding area as your pilot and you make for the skies.

Quite often we fly with the RED KITES, These big birds are masters of the air and they glide and soar as they guide us up to cloudbase.

 Tandem instructors

Our Tandem instructors are all trained and hold the current BHPA license to fly you the trainee student on an Air Experience Flight. You can rest assured that their level of experience is well beyond that of the regular pilots who fly in the UK.

All our AEI pilots spend time each year flying all over the world gaining valuable skills and experience to help to make your flight as safe and enjoyable as possible.

All you have to do is simply contact us to arrange a day and depending on the weather conditions, wind and direction. We will then arrange a time and place to meet you.

Once you meet one of our instructors and you are at the take off point you will be given a short briefing before your clipped into your harness and in a few short steps you will become airborne.

Simply sit back and enjoy the view as you soar along the ridges and if possible up to cloud base. When the flight is over your instructor will touch down either on the top of the mountain or in the fields at the bottom
We are well equipped to provide support for group and corporate needs. Please enquire.
Video flight £250

With a video flight you will capture the occasion and take home Ariel footage of your flight including you and some of your facial expressions to show all your friends at home. Also included in this footage are some of the flying sites and locations we use here in Mid Wales. This professionally edited DVD lasts around 12 minutes and goes in time with the music.

Picture flight £195

With a picture flight the pilot takes around 12 still pictures in flight. Some are of the pilot and passenger while the others are of the scenery. They are then put onto a CD for you to take home and show all your friends and family.

Standard Flight £150

No video no pictures just a straight flight where we take you to the skies for this great adventure.

Please Note

· Wind – If wind speeds drop we may need to glide down to land in a landing field at the bottom of the mountain

· Weather – Paragliding is weather dependant, we cannot fly in wind speeds above 15mph or in wet and rainy weather.

· Insurance – is included and covers the passenger for third party and public liability. Passengers will be talked through insurance details and given a form to sign prior to take-off.

· Dress – Similar to fell walking, strong ankle supportive boots and warm comfortable clothing

· Fitness – When foot launching, you must be able to run 10+ meters. If you have a heart condition or back problems then this sport is not advisable.