What is it?

Powered paragliding (aka paramotoring) is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a small motor on his her back (a paramotor). You then run into the air with lift from a paraglider wing. The low and slow flying capability, open feel, portability, and safety aspects for this type of flying are its greatest merits.

Is it safe?
No Form of aviation is 100% safe therefore to make it safer you should take your time in finding the right BHPA School for you. By doing this the Schools operation procedures will provide the safest learning environment available for learning this sport.
1 Day introduction course £185
This is an introduction to paramotoring, you will get hands on experience with the equipment and learn about the different parts and functions, how to set it up and how to check it before its daily use. You will then spend time getting used to controlling the glider above your head on level ground. Once you have mastered this you will then take several short hops where you are between 5 – 15 feet above the ground maintaining a straight course and flaring upon touchdown.

You will also learn some theory on how the gliders fly, what keeps us in the air and suitable weather for flying. If the conditions are suitable you will get a chance to take a tandem flight where an instructor will fly you around so you can get a feel for higher altitude.

Should you decide at the end of the day you want to carry on with training, the day you have done will go towards the full course and the price you paid for the day will be deducted off the price of the course.

Note: You will not be flying a paramotor till day 4 or 5 of the course

2 Day introduction course £370
Day 1 will cover all the above and day 2 will start with daily checks and then more ground training before taking progressively higher flights and getting used to making turns and the correct in flight control positions. There will be short lectures on site selection, airfield management, meteorology and principles of flight. By the end of day 2 you will have flown from around 50 feet and experienced the buzz of flying the glider.

We will introduce you to a paramotor and the daily inspection we do at the start of each flying day. We will also cover safe starting and holding procedures.

Should you decide at the end of the 2 days you want to carry on with training then the days you have done will go towards the course and the price you paid for the 2 days will be deducted off the price of the course.

Note: You will not be flying a paramotor till day 4 or 5 of the course

Elementary Pilot Course (EPC) £550
This course is 3 – 4 days depending on how quick you learn, you will cover the day 1 and day 2 tasks outlined above and the following exercises will take you to the end of the EP level.

Completing simple flight plans The student should reach a reasonable and consistent level of competence and confidence when making flights with a further increased ground clearance. Flights should involve unassisted launches, turns of 90′ or more with good lookout, good airspeed control and controlled landings in a defined area. The student should be briefed on turns and the need for lookout. At least 4 successful flights must be made. Any increases in altitude must be progressive.

Theory and examination

Through lectures, lessons, talks and personal study the student should achieve the required knowledge level in these subject areas.

Meteorology, Principles of flight, airlaw, airmanship and Rules of the air.

There will then be a multiple choice exam to pass before attaining your EP Award

Download the full EPC syllabus CLICK HERE


10 Day beginners Club Pilot Power Course £1300

The 10 day CP Power Course is a way for total beginners to get a restricted licence to fly a paramotor, You will learn practical skills with the flying along with theory lectures about meteorology, theory of flight and airmanship. Most students should experience their first Solo Powered Flight on day 4 of the course. With more flying to follow on day 5 & 6. A multiple choice exam will need to be passed at the end of this course. Once passed you will have the knowledge to safely fly within a 3km radius of your take off without the need of an instructor present, providing you are not in breach of airspace regulations.


4 Day CP Hill to CP Power Conversion Course £650
If you are a BHPA CP rated paraglider pilot looking to learn the skills needed to convert to CP power then this conversion course is for you. We will adapt the paragliding skills you have to include the use of a power unit. We will cover paramotor check lists, take off and landing procedures and emergency procedures along with flying and lectures and the CP paragliding power exam. You will then have a restricted licence to fly within close proximity of your take off (3km radius). You will now need to gain your pilot power rating to be fully equipped to navigate your way around the airspace and fly cross country.
4 Day CP to Pilot Power Conversion Course £650
The 4, day course is suitable for BHPA CP Hill or tow rated students to convert to paragliding power pilot rated. We will follow the above 2 day course and add another 2 days to clock up more airtime and understanding of the power unit. One of the last flying tasks will be a 30km navigational flight around a set course, There will be various lectures on meteorology, airlaw and theory of flight before sitting the paragliding Power Pilot Exam.

1 Day Introduction Course £185

2 Day Introduction Course £370

10 Day Beginners CP Power Course £1300,

4 Day EP Course £550

5 Day CP Course £850

4 day CP Hill or tow to CP Power Course £650

4 Day EP to Club Pilot Power Course £750

* Please note you need to do the 3-4 day EP and 5 day CP power course if you are learning from scratch

Further Information
We recommend you do not purchase equipment in advance as the school provides all the equipment you need for the duration of your course. When you have finished the course you will have a better understanding of what is suitable for you to use and what is not.

We can offer an attractive package if you purchase a new glider and motor from us either during or after your training, (Please ask for details)

We advise customers bring ankle high boots, long sleeve shirts, Jumper, coat trousers, water and a camera.

One must be aware that this is a type of sport where all customers need to have a certain degree of physical fitness and be over the age of 14.