EP/CP and post CP training courses

We at Mid Wales Paragliding Centre really enjoy this, our now legendary venue for both paragliding training and Pilot development. We use several sites along the coast including a purpose built 800 foot take off area situated a mile inland from the South Moroccan Atlantic coast about 30 minutes south of the old fortified town of Tiznet. Most of the ridges boast extensive flat tops ideal for those elusive top landings! Look out from the ridge and you will see flat land reaching towards the sand dunes on the coast which provide a safe and ideal environment for the low airtime student.

This area, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert, is totally unspoiled by tourism (unlike the North of Morocco). If you like Sun, sea and consistent flying conditions with lots of peace and quiet this must be one of the most chilled locations you will find. If it’s discos and night life that you crave then it won’t be for you! Our base is the Abertih Hotel in the nearby village of Mirleft, about twenty minutes away from the main site. Mirleft is a charming little town with various small shops and restaurants. Although not a drinking culture, alcohol is available when asked for. The pace of life is refreshingly slow and the local people are extremely hospitable and very friendly .One my close friends and a team guide has been living there for the last 10 years.


The accommodation will be at the Abertih Hotel in Mirleft. Built in the local Moorish style this charming family run guest house has proven itself to be a real favourite with all who have stayed there. Damien the owner is the man to consult on just about everything in the area! He is a local pilot and he speaks fluent English. There are several restaurants to choose from in the area but the Abertih is most popular because of its legendary ‘tagines’. Have a look at Damien’s place on this link:

The course includes all transport. This includes airport transfers from Agadir which is about 2 hours away. (Provided you arrive at the recommended times).If you are not at the airport at the transfer times a taxi can be arranged for you—they cost typically about £45 each way. We also provide your transport to take off,

Non Flyers
Partners and non flyers are welcome on this trip but it should be emphasised that although tourism is beginning here and there are all the basic facilities available, it is not a resort as such. If your partner wants some peace and quiet in an exotic and friendly location in lovely weather then this could be just the place! You can walk literally for miles along deserted beaches meeting only the odd fisherman and the seagulls! It is also a great opportunity to see Moroccan life and experience the culture of the country in a totally unspoiled way. Other activities in the area are Horse riding, quad biking, surfing, fishing and walking

Our Moroccan trip has great potential for all levels of student as well as those wishing to develop their skills and airtime. It is a place where the weather seems consistently good throughout our winter when the opportunity to fly at home will be very limited. The terrain, a long ridge with flat lands reaching out to the coast a mile away is not unlike the places you may fly at home but with the benefits of smooth sea breezes and gentle thermals.

Stuff to Bring and a Few Last Minute Details
It’s hot in Morocco, after all it is Africa! It’s about the same latitude as the Canary Islands. So you don’t need to bring a lot with you. As weight limits on air travel are more limited these days (check yours out with your airline), it’s best to wear your boots on the plane. Take a fleece or jumper and long trousers. The terrain, as in most hot places, can be quite rough underfoot so slipping at take off can be different than at home—you may roll over on a cactus rather than nice smooth grass! Personally I take as little as possible because I like the local stuff which is very cheap, so I buy over there to bring home. The locals are short of things like fleeces so I usually take some of my old ones and do a bit of bartering! Check Habibe’s shop across from the Abertih, he’s very open to a bit of wheeling and dealing over a cup of Moroccan green tea! You will also need the usual common sense things—Sun Cream, hat, after sun, shades, etc. You will need a towel (they are not provided) but you can buy one in Mirleft.

Local currency is the Dirham which you can only get in Morocco but Euros are fine. You can change your Euros into Dirham’s from cash machines or with Damien at the hotel. Damien is the man to arrange things for you whether it is a hire car or a local house! Everything you are likely to need will probably be available locally.

After the local Berber dialect the main language is French but most of the local trade’s people speak English, as does Damien.